I love slam poetry. I love experiencing it, I love writing it, (I fantasize about performing it), and I love bringing it into my classroom. Here are two slam videos sure to inspire you and your students. Beware - if swear words make you sweaty, please don't watch these videos.

"Love Letter To Albuquerque Public Schools" performed by Miguel Figueroa, Reed Bobroff, Olivia Gatwood, and Eva Crespin

This poem, written and performed by High school students, will make you want to set fire to standardized tests, get rid of the desks in your classroom, and stop using grades to tell students who they are. 

"Not Just Another Math Problem" performed by Sarah Kay and ensemble

This poem is written by that kid at the back of your class with his earbuds in and his gaze permanently fixed on his desk. This poem is written by that kid who tells you that she's going to fail anyways, so why bother finishing the assignment. This poem will make you see these "challenging students" in a new light. 

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